Rapha Racing Club Case Study

Rapha Racing Cycling Club is an organisation driven by a passion for making cycling the greatest sport in the world through community building, events, and top-quality cycling merchandise. Established in 2004, it is following an impressive growth trajectory, expanding its retail offering, events, and café culture in cycling cities across the globe.


Rapha needed a solution that would enable them to integrate all their selling channels and provide them with a sustainable, scalable platform from which to drive their continued expansion.
The willingness to deliver the right solution for our business, rather than a cookie-cutter version, is absolutely what we need to ensure the sustainable scalability of our brand.
Alex Bezer, IT Director, Rapha Racing Cycling Club


Sci-Net has supported Rapha in implementing a three-phase solution using Microsoft Dynamics NAV for financials, merchandising, and logistics.

Bringing a valuable combination of experience and understanding of real-world requirements for global retail business –

They play a key role within Rapha with knowledge spanning everything from warehousing to tax authorities

Anthony Baldwin, IT Operations Manager,


The combination of process automation and line reporting has resulted in efficiencies and cost savings.

Rapha has been able to reduce the stock levels in-store by 25% while also maintaining high availability on core lines.

Increase operating cashflow by £350k

Allow Rapha to move into more opportunistic sales channels such as “Quick Strike” event merchandise

Improve supplier relationships by reducing invoice to payment time by 66%


Our approach to the implementation was to encourage Rapha to challenge their vital processes. Resulting in the implementation of relevant business solutions which led to significant time savings across the business:

Stock management

Store-based replenishment

Stock Planning and forecast process.

Product & Purchasing Lifecycle management

The scope of what has been automated probably exceeds the original vision.'

Anthony Baldwin, IT Operations Manager, Rapha Racing Cycling Club


The integration of stock and financial information across all Rapha’s business channels has given Rapha the capability to manage their omnichannel business by delivering key reporting metrics direct to users promptly.

The solution has made our buying more accurate and targeted, enabling us to reduce our stock-holding, improve our intake margins, and pass the savings back to the customer by enhancing our products.”

Daniel Blumire, Merchandising Director, Rapha Racing Cycling Club


Customer Profile: Rapha Racing Cycling Club is a globally recognised omnichannel retailer providing performance clothing and accessories to the cycling world via Online retailing, 6 physical outlets, ‘Clubs’, across the globe and 3 Distribution Centres worldwide


  • Integration of core selling channels
  • Automation of complex intercompany operations
  • Provision of Key Business Metrics
  • Business Efficiencies and Cost Savings


Rapha is looking to continue its global growth, making the implementation of MS Dynamics NAV the master data solution across multiple worldwide distribution centres, controlling inventory, product, and financials. Rapha intends to integrate Microsoft Dynamics NAV™ with their existing CRM application, providing greater insight into their customers’ requirements and further enhancing their community focus.


Sci-Net Business Solutions has been built with dedication and knowledge. We strive to provide excellent customer service using world-class products. We have a team of specialists who expertise and experience in the Microsoft products and supporting applications.


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