5 signs it's time to change partners

Do you feel like you’re stuck with your current software solution? Does your system lack the features you need to keep you competitive? Is your partner unsupportive?


At Sci-Net, we believe your solution shouldn’t be a hindrance or hold you back. And, if you think your current solution and partner are letting you down, here are five definite signs it’s time to change.



Your partner isn’t keeping up with changing regulations and the evolving industry. They are not informing you of the latest releases, products, additional supporting software, and any training that may be relevant to you.



Inefficiencies are adding up, and too many of your processes are reliant on manual work. Are you using multiple systems to get the job done or having to employ additional staff to support your processes?



Some of your employees are mobile, and they don’t have access to real-time information. Does your solution support remote working with real-time information that can be accessed from anywhere at any time?



You are not receiving updates to your solution, and enhancements are few and far between.



Your provider offers minimal support and doesn’t engage with you and your suppliers regularly. You haven’t seen or heard from anyone at your software partner since implementation.


Sound Familiar? Do you recognise these signs? If you do, get in touch with the Sci-Net team. By integrating information and enhancing how people use it, we empower people to work smarter and be more productive. Our purpose is to influence and enable positive business transformation safely and without pain.




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Is it time to change partners?

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