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When you work with us you become one of the team

Based in the heart of the UK in Oxfordshire, Sci-Net Business Solutions is a leading Microsoft Dynamics NAV Gold Partner, Dynamics CRM and Sage 200 Partner. With a personal and unique approach, we'll deliver business solutions with long-term results.

Sci-Net Business Solutions has been built by a dedicated team with over 20 years' experience,  We strive to provide excellent customer service with world-class cutting-edge products.


The Sci-Net Team

The Sci-Net team have an extensive knowledge and expertise of the Microsoft product suite, supporting application and tools as well as Sage 200. We’re accessible and approachable and have access to some of the best minds in the business.

Our expertise means we deliver on time and to budget due to our understanding of how to run and implement projects. Our purpose is to influence and enable positive business transformation safely and without pain.

We're proud to be a Microsoft Gold Partner.


Why Clients Choose Sci-Net

Our technical expertise in ERP and CRM is second-to-none, our client focus is the key to our success. Our relationship with our clients is important to us and understanding their business needs and recommendations for process improvement is the starting place for any project.

We work with customers to minimise disruption and be on hand every step of the way. We strive to build long lasting relationships with all our customers.

Once your solution has been implemented, our support doesn't stop there. Our aftercare and account management services are available to ensure the business has everything you need, and employees are trained to get the very best out of the system.


Project Approach

It's no easy thing to walk a customer through a business transformation project. There's a great deal of time and learning involved in just getting to the point where you've chosen your technology and implementation partner, but that is just the start. From there, you need a confident, practised supplier to make sure the project runs smoothly, with both parties doing what they must to keep things moving towards a successful go-live. Over the years we have evolved our approach to include:



Business Analysis and Scoping
Many customers use this phase to review their business practices. It may well be that things are being done because that is all the current applications allow, so taking the opportunity to improve processes and workflows as they are enshrined in the new business solution makes a great deal of sense. We'll help by offering experience from our recent implementations in your sector. We then provide a project scope for signoff.

Stakeholder and Key User Familiarisation
We find that showing staff a basic system is a great way to prepare them for reviewing customisations later in the project. This investment of time helps everyone understand how they can contribute to the solution and make the areas they will use truly fit for their purpose.

Review and Scope Signoff
The scope of the project and its deliverables are agreed and signed off. This is not set in stone: we're more than happy to include good ideas or functionality changes later! But at this stage, we are able to lock down costs and timelines so our clients and staff know when work will be done and, more importantly, when the new system will go live.


Customisation, Configuration and Integration
It's all too easy to disappear for months and then return to show the results of our hard work. That's not an approach that works for our customers, so we have regular review meetings to show the relevant groups of stakeholders and users how their functionality is developing. This not only keeps people interested and engaged, but it also gives opportunities for clarification and review.

User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
UAT is the last chance to give the new system a thorough review before the go-live process begins. We provide user-relevant scenarios to be worked through and provide support to make sure this all-important project component is completed.

End User Training
Carefully scheduled by job roles, users are taught how to use the new system and where to find help and support after go-live.

Data Migration (DM)
DM will have been worked on from the start of the project in readiness for a test load for system testing and user training - it's always easier to understand a system if the data is recognisably to do with your business and its customers.

Go Live
This is not the end of our project, but it's the beginning of the new system and its users. Sci-Net provides support and on-going evolution and upgrades in what tends to be a long and fruitful relationship.